Spicy oil

“Bichet” is the name we in Ibiza traditionally and familiarly give to common chilli peppers. For a long time they have been the most common hot pepper in the island’s kitchens. Gradually, however, other “bichets” have been introduced into our homes and nowadays it is easy to find a wide variety of chilli and chilli peppers in the markets.

In our farm we grow a selection of these hot peppers with which we prepare two of our most popular recipes. Sweet Chilli and Spicy Oil seasoning.

For the elaboration of the Fluxà Ibiza Spicy Oil we infuse five different types of our chilli. But this is not the only secret to achieve the balanced flavour of our spicy oil. The base, virgin olive oil made from arbequina olives, is fundamental to achieve the authentic and totally balanced flavour of this product.

Two small chilli peppers and a few peppercorns decorate a product completely finished in its taste and texture at the time of bottling.

Our oil

Spicy oil

Fluxà’s spicy oil with chilli is a condiment that is made from organic oil. The oil is infused with five types of chilli that we personally grow on our farm. When it is cold, add the peppercorns and the fresh chilli that remain in the bottle. The degree of spiciness of our oil is designed to accentuate the flavour of the ingredients of the prepared dish. It is ideal to accompany any pasta dish, spice up a pizza, an oriental fusion recipe or any dish that we want to give this spicy and exciting touch.


♦ 10 CL glass bottle