The heart of Ibiza in your glass

Hierbas de la Abuela, Café Caleta, Fig Liqueur and Almond Liqueur. The selection of our four liqueurs, in addition to our traditional Hierbas Ibicencas, is no coincidence and they all have a common denominator that you must have guessed by now, the island of Ibiza, its countryside and its sea.

The Hierbas de la Abuela (Grandmother’s Herbs) are obtained by infusing 18 types of native and aromatic plants found in the fields or cultivated in the island’s traditional farmhouses. And from the island’s countryside also comes the inspiration for our Fig and Almond liqueur, two fruits whose trees make up the emblematic landscape of the interior of our small, beloved and beautiful island. Café Caleta comes from the sea, because it was the sailors who introduced this traditional liqueur to the Pitiüses, which, in a way, drank from the magic of the Galician queimadas.

Hierbas de la Abuela


La Abuela Fluxá’s herbal liqueur is made with herbs as they have been made by grandparents all their lives; in this case it is a tribute to our grandmother Catalina. The aromatic native plants are collected from our botanical garden, with a personal blend and the necessary maceration, a very tasty and authentic digestive is elaborated.

Alcohol content: 15%.
Colour : Amber.
Properties: Digestive.


♦ Glass bottle of 70 CL
Glass bottlel of 50 CL
Glass bottle of 10 CL

Almond liqueur


This base of milk cream with almond liqueur is the result of this pleasure to taste almonds in a different way.

It can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Alcohol content: 17%.

Plastic bottle of 50 CL
Glass bottle of 70 CL
Glass bottle of 10 CL

Café Caleta


Legend has it that on the fantastic beach of Sa Caleta, fishermen invented this coffee. With brandy, rum, lemon peel, orange peel, cinnamon and coffee they made a “burnt coffee” for after meals. With this Café Caleta liqueur, Destilerías Ibiza pays homage to these people and to this product so typical of our land.

Alcohol content: 26%

Plastic bottle of 50 CL
Glass bottle of 70 CL
Glass bottle of 10 CL

Fig liqueur


The figs are placed to macerate under strict temperature control, with a mixture of 96º alcohol, together with Rum and Brandy, to bring out the best aromas and flavours of the fruit, after which they are filtered and reduced to the desired degree of alcohol.

Alcohol content: 20%
Colour: Amber

Glass bottle of 70 CL
Glass bottle of 10 CL

DIY Box of Ibiza herbs from Ibiza

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Prepare your own Hierbas Payesas at home.

We guide you step by step to make a bottle of delicious herb’s liqueur from Ibiza in the traditional way. Once you have finished making your liqueur, close the bottle and wait for three months. After this time, put some ice in a glass and enjoy all the aroma and flavour of the Ibiza countryside in your glass.

In our box you will find:

♦ A sachet with all the fresh herbs collected in our botanical garden and ingredients needed to make our delicious herbal liqueur.

♦ Fura (the essential stick to introduce the herbs in the bottle like a real “payés”)

♦ Bottle of Aniseed Liqueur

♦ Juan Fluxà’s herbs liqueur recipe that will help you to identify each and every one of the herbs.

♦ An empty glass bottle.

♦ Diploma