Chilli of Ibiza

The botanical name of chilli peppers or chilli is Capsicum. These plants of the Solanaceae family produce the small hot peppers that are consumed worldwide today. It is a genus of plants native in the tropical and subtropical regions of America.
Annuum, baccatum, chinense, frutescens and pubescens are the five great families of capsicum that bring together almost all the chillis we consume.
The intensity of spice of the chilles, is measured by scoville units that is nothing other than the number of times that a chille extract must be diluted in sugar water to stop being perceived.
In our botanical garden we grow five different types of chilli with different spicy graduations that we combine depending on the product.

The elaboration of all our products is handmade using the raw material that we grow in our farm and botanical garden.

Our chilli

Sweet Chillies

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Fluxà sweet pepper is handcrafted based on red hot peppers, sugar and agar agar.
It is a product, 100% natural, perfect to accompany cheeses, pasta and all kinds of meats.

Glass jar with golden lid
Net weight: 65gr
Gross weight: 130gr
Pack of three round glass jars with golden lid containing chilli salt, spicy and extra-spicy chilli candy

♦ Glass jars
Net weight: 195gr
Gross weight: 390gr

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