Artisan Herbs Workshop

IMG 0601 CopiaThe artisan herbs workshop begins with an informal chat with Joan Tur. He will explain his personal project, his decision to be an artisanal company and not an industry, and the overall reason of the botanical garden.

After the talk, a pleasant walk through the botanical garden of Fluxà Ibiza begins, along which we will collect the 18 plants that will be used for the elaboration of the precious liquor.

It will be a walk full of anecdotes and botanical information of each plant. Previously, at the beginning of the visit, it is distributed to every participant a pair of gloves, pruning shears and a basket for the collection of the plants that will be used for the elaboration of your their bottle of artisan herbs.

b2ap3 large IMG 0606Now, After the walk it comes the tasting of herbs because you can’t make what is not well known. Around a large work table and, led by Joan, workshop attendees will introduce the different plants in the bottle with the help of the “fura”.

It is time to delve into the secrets of each of the plants, while their textures and aromas are especially appreciated. The process ends by adding the special anise provided by Fluxà Ibiza.

The bottles are sealed and, after three months, it is time to open them to discover at home that you managed to make the best artisan herbs in the world, because there is no doubt: nothing tastes like “homemade” !


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